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We welcome your submission of good ideas for a universal technical solution for limiting the functionality of mobile phones while driving. Your submission will constitute a dedication of any copyrights to the public domain and a warranty that no party makes a claim of copyrights. Your donation will not affect ownership of any patent rights and will not imply a license under any patents.

We have received the following submissions:


    1. Marie Stewart: Sensing motion in a mobile phone and limiting functionality of moving phones
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    2. Jeff Haley: Improvements on the ideas of Marie Stewart:
      1. When moving faster than 15 mph, new phones will automatically block texting and web surfing and present only simple displays, except when the driver accompanied by an adult passenger in the front seat, in which case the phone is unrestricted.
      2. There is no effect on voice calls while driving unless the phone owner wants restrictions, such as for employees or children. For those phones, all known forms of motion-triggered restrictions are possible at the option of the phone owner.
      3. In a region where the system is to be adopted, before the new phones are issued, carriers will add appropriate software to their systems, and mass transit operators will install overriders in trains, busses and vans.
      4. For calls to moving phones that are not unrestricted by an overrider or presence of a passenger, the new carrier system software intercepts the call with a message that asks whether the call is important enough that it should be put through to a person driving and offers to take a message instead.
      5. When new phones are issued in the region for use with numbers issued after a cut-off date, only the new motion-restricting phone may be issued.

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  1. 3. Timothy Cody: Sense texting and other phone uses while driving and provide rewards for not making undesirable uses.
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