Texting While Driving Won’t End If It’s Voluntary

December 10, 2010 by · Leave a Comment
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Everyone thinks *other* people should not text while driving. But most of these people text while driving themselves. That is why the ability to text while driving needs to be disabled in all phones, by law.

The technology already exists to do this. There are many apps which do this. They detect that the phone is travelling at a certain speed or above, and the ability to text is shut down.

This is a good start, but unfortunately it is all voluntary. That is why I was glad to see the announcement by Ray Lahood, U.S. Secretary of Transportation. He announced that the DoT is examining technology that would end texting while driving.

Requiring this technology is the only way to end texting while driving. The technology exists to disable texting by the driver and allow passengers to text. We just need to make sure it is implemented.

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