CellSentry Introduces New No Texting While Driving App

CellSentry Rolls Out a New Texting While Driving App

Teen Texting While Driving

App Aims to End Texting While Driving

CellSentry recently introduced their texting while driving app, which aims to end texting while driving. Starting at $.99/month, it has a number of features and options, including a master control over other cell phone users on the account. Being able to call 9-1-1 via a shortcut is always available, even if the car is moving.

The user can customize an auto-reply which will go out while the phone is in motion and disabled. And allows for opting out temporarily when it’s safe – such as if the driver plans to have a passenger who will be texting while someone else is driving.

The account with the master controls is identified as the “Sponsor,” and any opt-outs on non-sponsor accounts must be approved by the sponsor. The sponsor would typically be a parent or an employer of an employee driving a company vehicle.

They issued a press release today – you can view or download it here: PDF | Word Doc

And they are offering a free trial on the ‘Single Enhanced’ product by entering the code “singleenhanced” when creating an account.

The CellSentry Single Enhanced product includes:

  • Block calls and texts while driving
  • Customized auto-reply
  • Access to 5 whitelist numbers
  • Access reports on the web
  • Request optout at any time
  • 9-1-1 is always available
  • You can find the CellSentry app here: CellSentry

    According to the CellSentry press release, “23% of auto collisions each year are related to cell phone use while texting and driving, which is approximately 1.3 million crashes.” That’s absolutely staggering.

    It’s time to END texting while driving.

    Distracted Driving Foundation


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